Where can i purchase Smarterify products?

You can purchase our products online on Amazon and Paytm, we will be entering the offline market soon.

Where can i download apps for your products?

You can download the app for android in google playstore, we have also provided a link in DOWNLOAD section, we are releasing app for iOS very soon!

What features and functionalities do Smarterify home automation provide that will make my home smarter?

1. Remote access: With remote access feature, you can control your home appliances from anywhere in the world, sounds cool!
2. Scheduling: You have the privilege to schedule your appliances beforehand, which helps you to automate the routine tasks easily.
3. Modes: Modes feature allows you to set the ambiance of your home by controlling the required appliances all in one shot!
4. Touch enabled: Our smart switches are capacitive touch enabled, which enhances the ease of use and aesthetic value of your home.
5. Retrofit: Our smart switches are retrofittable in conventional modular switch setup which makes the installation a hassle free experience.

Will i have to remove my existing switch to install your products?

Yes, you have to remove your existing switch and install our modular touch switches.

Do i need to alter my existing modular switchboard to install your products?

No need to do that, our products are retrofittable.

Do i need any special wiring for installation?

No, normal modular switch wiring is sufficient for installation.

Can i operate your switches manually also?

Yes, our modular switches are capacitive touch enabled switches, so you can operate them by a simple touch.

Do i need to have an internet connection to control your products?

Yes, you need to have an internet connection to control our products.

Can i control your products when i am not in home?

Yes, you can control our products anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

At what stage of construction we need to plan home automation?

Thanks to Smarterify, there is no planning needed, at any stage you can install our home automation products.

What are the requirements to install Smarterify home automation?

1. A Wi-Fi router with an internet connection.
2. Android phone (4.1 or higher).

What about installation?

Our product installation is very simple (nothing different from normal switch wiring), we have the instructions covered in quick start guide which comes with our package, any electrician can get the job done within minutes.